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Rollz International is based in The Netherlands

Their dedicated designers are specialists in ergonomics, with a mission to keep people moving. Their core products include rollators that easily convert into wheelchairs.

Rollz International has been awarded several international awards for their innovative and stylish designs including the Red Dot and iF Design Awards in 2012. In 2020 Rollz was awarded a new design prize by Global Health & Pharma Magazine for the 'Most Innovative Mobility Products Design Company'.

Rollz Motion

The Rollz Motion 2-in-1 convertible walker wheelchair is an award-winning and beautifully designed rollator that easily converts into a wheelchair in seconds.

Rollz Motion Walker Wheelchair

Rollz Performance

Boasting air-filled tyres, go the distance on-road and off with this ultra-comfy walker wheelchair. A suped-up version of the Rollz Motion with extra padding, ergonomic handles and more...

Rollz Performance Walker Wheelchair

Rollz Flex 2.0

The Rollz Flex is an ‘incognito’ walker / rollator - a world first for its unique design and function. Pack and go with this fully certified walking frame

Rollz Flex Walker

Frequently Asked Questions - Rollz

The Rollz Flex carries someone up to 120kgs and the Rollz Motion units (including the Performance and Rhythm) take someone up to 125kgs.

  • The Rollz Motion is 11.6kg
  • The Rollz Performance is 11.4kg
  • The Rollz Flex (the shopper that's an incognito walker) is 7.7kg

There are two sizes for the Rollz Motion - small and regular. (The Rollz Performance only comes in regular). The width of the regular and the small is the same. The handles are adjustable for height so, unless you are really short or really tall, you can have either the small or regular. The big difference between the two is the seat height - 50cm on the small and 55cm on the regular. The small only comes in Island Blue and Matt Black. The Rollz Motion will take someone up to 125kg though at the upper end you will need to check if the seat width of 45cm is ok. There is no bariatric version.

Yes. The Rollz Motion units (including the Performance or the Rhythm) are especially good in the wet because they have drum brakes. The Rollz Performance has added benefits for outdoor terrain with it's air-filled tyres. But if you want a specific indoor rollator, check out the byACRE Scandinavian Butler - that might work well in combination with your Rollz.

A: The Rollz Motion products are designed by Rollz International in the Netherlands. Rollz products are the result of significant research and development. Rollz has received a number of awards for the Rollz Motion design including 2012 Red Dot Award, which is one of the world's most prestigious design awards that has been won by other well-known design oriented companies such as Apple, Bose, BMW and Porsche. Rollz oversees the manufacturing of its products in Taiwan by a family owned company that pride themselves on quality.

In addition to the features that it shares with the Rollz Motion, the Rollz Performance has:

  • Air-filled tyres for a smoother ride on mixed-terrain
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Extra padding in the wheelchair seat and a wedged shaped cushion for comfortable seating
  • Reflective stripes
  • Extra padding in the arm rests and handles to reduce vibration
  • The frame is an eye-catching jungle green.

A: The inverted handles ensure that you stand a lot closer to the frame and also stand tall.

The inverted handles also means there is less strain on your wrists. Instead of steering with your wrists like you would with traditional walkers, the inverted handles means you steer more with the palms of your hand and naturally use all of your arm with less effort.

Having inverted handled means you won't need to lean forward or be hunched when pushing the walker.

There's an older video here showing this (the Rollz Motion in the video is in one of the older colours) but the concept still remains the same.

A: Yes, the handles on the Rollz Motion rollator are height adjustable:

  • The Rollz Motion regular range is 87-98cm range
  • The Rollz Motion Small handle height range is 82-94cm.

Rollz recommends the Small size for people who are 1.5m to 1.85m tall. And they recommend the Rollz Motion Regular size for people 1.6m-1.9m.

You'll see there's a crossover here - if you're in between the two heights and you could have either - then you might want to see what seat height suits you best: 50cm on the Small and 55cm high on the Regular.

A: Yes. The Rollz Motion has been certified by an international independent testing body, TuV Rheinland, as meeting all of the specs and features claimed by Rollz. They have also certified that the Rollz Motion meets the ISO standard for rollators, and that the wheelchair attachment complies with the standards for a manually propelled wheelchair.

A: The Rollz Motion in both rollator and wheelchair form will fit through standard Australian doorways and most Australian door frames. The width of the Rollz Motion is 67cm.

A: A Rollz walker will be shipped in one box. The wheelchair package and footrests (which sit inside a compartment on the wheelchair package) are not attached to the rollator, but they easily attach as shown in the video and pictures. The only things to be added are the adjustment screws which is super easy. We have an 'unboxing' video on the Rollz Motion page which is worth watching.

A: At the moment the Rollz Motion is available in Matt Black, Dark Purple, Island Blue and Pebble White.

The frame of the Rollz Flex 2.0 comes in one of four colours: Matt Black, Jungle Green, Dark Purple and Pebble White. The PVC bag is charcoal (the earlier model of the Rollz Flex had two different bag colours to choose from but the Rollz Flex 2.0 has one standardised colour).

A: The frames of the Rollz walkers are made from extruded aluminum.

Rollz Motion Regular

  • Tyres PU
  • Weight 11.6kg
  • Wheelchair attachment weight 3.4kg
  • Max weight capacity 125kg
  • User height 1.6m-1.9m
  • Seat height 55cm
  • Handle height range 87-98 cm
  • Seat size rollator 20cm x 45cm
  • Seat size wheelchair 42cm x 45cm
  • Overall length 63cm
  • Overall width 67cm
  • Width folded 31cm
  • Front wheel diameter 8 inch
  • Back wheel diameter 12 inch

Rollz Motion Small

  • Tyres PU
  • Weight 11.6kg
  • Wheelchair attachment weight 3.4kg
  • Max weight capacity 125kg
  • User height 1.55m-1.85m
  • Seat height 50cm
  • Handle height range 82-94cm
  • Seat size rollator 20cm x 45cm
  • Seat size wheelchair 42cm x 45cm
  • Overall length 63cm
  • Overall width 67cm
  • Width folded 31cm
  • Front wheel diameter 8 inch
  • Back wheel diameter 12 inch

Rollz Performance

  • Colour Matt Jungle Green
  • Tyres Pneumatic (air-filled)
  • Weight 11.4kg
  • Wheelchair attachment weight 3.4kg
  • Max weight capacity 125kg
  • User height 1.6m-1.9m
  • Seat height 55cm
  • Handle height range 87-98cm
  • Seat size rollator 20cm x 45cm
  • Seat size wheelchair 42cm x 45cm
  • Overall length 63cm
  • Overall width 67cm
  • Width folded 29cm
  • Front wheel diameter 8 inch x 1/4 inch
  • Back wheel diameter 12 inch x 2/4 inch

Rollz Flex

  • Rollz Flex Weight: 7.7kg (reg)/ 6.7kg (small)
  • Seat height: 62cm (reg)/ 52.5cm (small)
  • Rollz Flex bag: 25 litres
  • Maximum carrying load: 125kg
  • Minimum and maximum height of user: 1.55-1.95cm (reg)/ 1.40-1.60cm (small)
  • Handle Height: 80-100cm (reg)/ 69cm-81cm (small)
  • Length: 60cm
  • Width: 62.3cm
  • Folded width: 33cm
  • Seat width: 44cm

Rollz Motion Rhythm

  • Rollator weight: 11.6kg
  • Wheelchair package weight: 3.4kg
  • Maximum weight capacity: 125kg
  • User height: 1.60m – 1.90m
  • Seat height: 55cm
  • Handle height range: 87–98cm
  • Seat size rollator: 20 x 45cm
  • Seat size wheelchair: 42 x 45cm
  • Overall width: 67cm
  • Overall length: 63cm
  • Width folded: 31cm
  • Front wheel diameter: 8 inch
  • Rear wheel diameter: 12 inch


Five logos of awards that have been won by 'Rollz', a company that designs walking frames.

Rollz Chart

Check out the different specs on each Rollz walker in this handy chart...

What people say about Rollz walkers


"I absolutely love my new Rollz Flex..... I haven't been able to walk this fast in years, and haven't been able to shop, then go home and cook and clean in years, because walking would take so much out of me, but my Rollz Flex takes up the extra strain and doesn't slow me down! It looks good, works far better than any other model I've tried... and the way it folds, it stands nicely behind my seat in my car."

Werribee, AUS

"I'm 34 years old and have been in need of a rollator for about 18 months now, but I just couldn't bring myself to purchase one. I was so chuffed when I found the Rollz Motion online and absolutely thrilled when I realised I could actually get one in Australia. It looks as trendy and awesome as a rollator could ever possibly look! I have already done a couple of trips out and about and I couldn't be happier with it. Your service was impeccable too! Thank you!"

A purple Rollz Motion rollator on a white background

"OMgoodness! The Rollz Motion is amazing. Easy to use, light, great turning circle, the ability to sit whenever I fatigued is a game changer...It’s exactly what I need."

A 'Rollz Motion' wheelchair on a white background
Carlshrue, VIC

"Despite Dad's reticence about needing a walking aid, he absolutely loves his Rollz Flex. It's so easy to use, adjust, store etc and really makes it so much easier for him to get around... He is certainly very pleased with it and I believe it will help a lot with his fitness."

A 'Rollz Flex' walker on a white background
Christine M

"With my new Rollz Motion I am able to walk so much faster, fast enough that my Apple Watch recognised it as exercise, which has never happened before."

Balaclava VIC

Why Rollz Walkers?

Find the perfect mobility solution for those who want to maintain their independence while on-the-go. Our Rollz products are designed with both style and functionality in mind, with innovative features to ensure maximum comfort, safety, and convenience.

If you're traveling, shopping, or just taking a walk in the park, we have a Rollz rollator for every lifestyle. Whether you're looking for the ultimate in style and versatility with the Rollz Motion, the unbeatable performance of the Rollz Performance, or the convenience and comfort of the Rollz Flex 2.0, we've got you covered. Each of our Rollz walkers is designed to provide exceptional stability and support while also offering a range of customisable features to meet your unique needs. 

Unsure which walker/rollator is right for you? Check out our walker buying guide, to ensure you get one that suits your needs. 

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